B-b-b-bad t’the bone…

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Brass toes make them more original, distinctive, and collectible

From the time I started making teddy bears, I have often heard, “Oh..collectible teddy bears — like Steiff bears?”

This is a Steiff Teddy Bear!

I had never heard of them and had never actually googled them until today! So cute, and such an inspiring and interesting company history!

I had been told that each Steiff bear is branded with a metal logoed button on their ear, and that I should do the same on my bears. This was interesting to me, but I felt that a button on my bears’ ears would distract from the beauty of their faces. and besides, that had apparently already been done..

I decided that I would take advantage of the shape of the leather toes I make for each bear. I contacted Accessoires Magiques, a small casting company located in Montreal, specializing in the custom creation of metal tags.

grill3grill2I worked with Pat to design this antique brushed brass oval toe that I could sew onto the bears’ paws. Pat went above and beyond to customize them for me, even creating a slight bend in them to fit the curvature of the paw. I love them! From now on, all my bears will have one of these brass elle tags on the middle toe of their left foot 🙂


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