Behind-the-scenes at elle Vintage

I’m always reading articles about how to market your online shop. Along with the usual product and sales feature suggestions and guides, another common suggestion is to show a little behind-the-scenes imagery. The idea is to give our audience a break from the “buy this!” posts, by showing the day-to-day inner workings of our home businesses.

Well, I have always thought that this suggestion shouldn’t apply to me and elle Vintage, since, well, it’s hairy embarrassing!

But I’m just back from vacation in the beautiful nature of Northern Ontario, doing nothing but spending time with family and family that I haven’t seen in years — and enjoying meeting new family members. So the change of scenery has relaxed me to the point that the image of the elle Vintage behind-the-scenes is actually striking me as very funny today.

So here it is, a typical day here, in all its glory.

I know exactly where everything is.

Below is this same room… at this moment.

But not for long. I’m about to open up shop again to make the orders that came in while I was with the sun and the swimming and the lolling around, being waited on hand and foot…

Gonna snap out of it and get to work…tomorrow
I’m still here, mentally.

They didn’t want fast, they wanted forever

Liona has finally met the man of her dreams. They had to fill out all those questions, but it was worth it. Lance and Liona had their first date today. They didn’t do much; just kinda sat there and hugged. That’s not a bad date.


Seriously though, I just finished Lance this morning. He is so cute and he looks so worried!


He is the second and last bear that I was able to make from this vintage fur coat.

2 IMG_9829IMG_9823



Customer Spotlight: Well. Look at this.


Just when I thought I’d thought of every way to apply my pom poms, some amazing customer comes along with an idea like this. This. is. spectacular. Jennifer in California sent me this photo of the recycled fur coat Black Mink Fur Shoe Pom Poms that she purchased from me last week, that she has put on her roller skates. Buh….rilliant!

IMG_7003These mini mink pom poms are made with a fabric-covered elastic hair tie loop that can be attached to virtually any strap or string; strappy sandals, running shoe laces..they can even be worn as hair accessories.

IMG_7005The possibilities are fun and endless!

Jennifer rOcks! (and rolls)