Irma and pillows

–That’s what occupied my time and my heart this weekend.

As I worked, CNN was queued on the TV — “drowned out” a bit by the rat-a-tat-tat of my sewing machine. I marathon-ed 7 gorgeous pillow covers since Friday and all the while, my thoughts and best wishes were with everyone affected by the storm. I am pretty amazed at how cool the people of the state of Florida are (and Texas too, for that matter); their composure, organization, grace and resilience. I have no doubt that they will be back on their feet in record time.

I hope that you will all be home-sweet-home and settled in again soon.





They do wear earmuffs in Florida


My awesome customer in St. Petersburg ordered my Plush Jumbo Erin Green Faux Fur Earmuffs and wrote,

Hi there! I just got these from you and I loooooove them! I was wondering if you could make a jumbo pair of pink ones?

She rOcks!