Just for fun, I Googled ellevintage369…

whoa…I clicked on “Images,” and my head about popped off. If you have a shop too, you should try it. Just for fun!



Faux sho’

Handmade faux fur key purse charms are on the menu today. Up until now, I’ve only made real fur purse charms, but for those who prefer faux, I’m now making these — and more to come.



I only make them with the highest quality designer faux fur and employ the same quality that you will find in a real fur pom key purse charm, including this top-of-the-line jumbo jump ring and hand-cut Italian leather strap.


Feelin’ blessed, so…SHARETHELOVE !

IMG_8534I received a custom order today for 40 pom pom keychain purse charms. Imma be bizzay!

Now, I have been working hard to stock my new website –and wow. It’s going to take me longer than i thought! But I’m getting there…

To that end, until June 12, I am offering everything that I have listed to-date at www.ellevintage.com at 15% off. Just use the Coupon Code SHARETHELOVE.


June? wuh?…New month, new sale!

I have 25 items on sale in June, 10-20% off.

I know its summer and you’re not thinking about earmuffs and hats and hat poms — but it’s still fun to look! And anyway, any season is the right season for love: Joey is June’s bear of the month and he’s huggy — and he’s on sale until June 30.


Customer Spotlight: Mink fur pom poms + knit baby hats = A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

I love my dedicated knitter customers — knitters are so chill! It’s not a wonder because, aside from the beautiful knitwear that that’s produced, it’s such a great way to relax.

–And of course I love them because they love my recycled fur pom poms! When they spend so much time creating a gorgeous knit hat, there is nothing like adding a breathtaking pom, to make it something very special.


My New York knit hat pom pom customer, Shanel, sent me these photos to show me how these magical mink poms dress up her lovely knit hats — adorable and irresistible!

 Shanel buys elle Vintage Mink Fur Pom Poms for her baby knits at Nelly’s Knit Boutique.

Channeling my Mom’s knitting skills


mom2Today, my Mom would be celebrating her birthday. Marilyn passed away 18 months ago and I think about her often as I pick my way through my path and wonder…what would Mom think about this/what advice would she give about that.

My Mom was a masterful knitter. She knit everything from mitts and hats, to Christmas characters and decorations, and sweaters for my Dad and my kids, when they were babies.

She tried to instill this love of knitting in me when I was a kid, but I wasn’t interested. I tried, but there was nothing but frustration and impatience for me, and anyway all I wanted to do was run around and play and such.

I found myself trying to take it up at random times over the years, buying the odd ball of yarn, the odd set of needles at a yard sale…and again, not really much but failure on my part!

When my Mom passed away, I brought home some of her yarn and needles. I went to a yarn shop and told the lady that I wanted to learn how to knit, and asked for a pattern to make a hat. She said that I should start with something simpler, like a dishcloth or a scarf. Well..I didn’t want to make a dishcloth or a scarf…. I wanted to make some hats to go with all the damn pom poms I’ve got all over the place here!

So I got a pattern, and I knit my first hat. Unlike all the other times I tried to learn to knit, this time it was easy. It was like I had been knitting all my life and I banged that hat out in about three hours.

I think I’m channeling my Mom’s knitting skills — why else would I suddenly know how to knit ?


I don’t have a LOT of time to knit and to learn new patterns and techniques, so my repertoire is pretty limited so far, but that will come. The main time I spend on it, is on the TTC — my daily trips to ship orders at the post office. I bring my projects with me on the bus, streetcar and the subway, and when I walk, yes, I pull it out and knit a few stitches while I’m waiting for the light to turn green.

IMG_8992I’ve sold quite a few of my knit hats in my shop, and in some other shops in Toronto, and I hope to increase those sales this fall and winter.

I feel like knitting today 🙂 but my Mom was also a passionate and expert gardener — she loved flowers. I think I’ll chuck the knitting and the laptop and elle Vintage for a while today and go outside and plant some flowers.

Happy Birthday Mom, wherever you are (always on my shoulder <3)