Faux sho’

Handmade faux fur key purse charms are on the menu today. Up until now, I’ve only made real fur purse charms, but for those who prefer faux, I’m now making these — and more to come.



I only make them with the highest quality designer faux fur and employ the same quality that you will find in a real fur pom key purse charm, including this top-of-the-line jumbo jump ring and hand-cut Italian leather strap.


fleaThe introductory price for my faux fur key purse charms is US$15 — and of course, that will be CDN$15 at the live craft market this Sunday, June ll at the Parkdale Flea, 1266 Queen Street West in Toronto from 11am-6pm.

Find a bunch of excuses to come out to Parkdale on Sunday!

June? wuh?…New month, new sale!

I have 25 items on sale in June, 10-20% off.

I know its summer and you’re not thinking about earmuffs and hats and hat poms — but it’s still fun to look! And anyway, any season is the right season for love: Joey is June’s bear of the month and he’s huggy — and he’s on sale until June 30.


My customers are resourceful, creative and talented

~Sandal photos — before and finished product — sent to me by D. in Tucson, AZ~

D. in Tucson, AZ fell in love with a US$595 pair of mink Givenchy mink fur slides, while on vacation with her husband in New York City, in March.

Wanting to actually stay married to the man she loves more than these shoes, she walked away (in her existing shoes –and with her man).

Determined to rock the look however, she bought a pair of slides, then contacted elle Vintage for the mink fur she needed to make them herself. And all the better: recycled fur.

I sent her two pieces of the mink she wanted, made-to-measure, and she took it from there. She created these beautiful, black and brown striped one-of-a-kind mink fur slides!

Now, for less than US$90, she has real mink slides and they, like D., are fabulous!