Whew..craft markets are exhausting – and exhilarating!

What a day! What an exhausting day! It was so great to get out and meet so many wonderful shoppers and other sellers.


Participating in these events is amazing, because it expands my universe and puts me in personal touch with the people who purchase my wares — I get to see the purchase-thrill — and it gives me the opportunity to network with others who create and sell. Good vibes!

One of the exciting conversations I had there, was with an eco-friendly fashion handbag seller who is interested in working with me in the fall, to pair my keychain purse charms with her handbags. I’m looking forward to that!

Now it’s summertime and I’m going to take some time to enjoy it. While I will still be working, I’ll be blogging sporadically until late summer, when I’ll pick it up again, as old man winter starts pushing his own agenda…


Faux sho’

Handmade faux fur key purse charms are on the menu today. Up until now, I’ve only made real fur purse charms, but for those who prefer faux, I’m now making these — and more to come.



I only make them with the highest quality designer faux fur and employ the same quality that you will find in a real fur pom key purse charm, including this top-of-the-line jumbo jump ring and hand-cut Italian leather strap.


fleaThe introductory price for my faux fur key purse charms is US$15 — and of course, that will be CDN$15 at the live craft market this Sunday, June ll at the Parkdale Flea, 1266 Queen Street West in Toronto from 11am-6pm.

Find a bunch of excuses to come out to Parkdale on Sunday!


See more Terk photos and details here.

Terk is my latest faux fur teddy bear and she will be starring in my faux fur presentation on Sunday, June ll at the Parkdale Flea, 1266 Queen Street West in Toronto from 11am-6pm.

Terk is made from remarkably realistic silky faux fox fur, that looks, feels and moves like real fur.

terkI named her Terk because she reminds me of Terkina from Tarzan.

–Terk is on sale until June 12 @ www.ellevintage.com at 15% off. Just use the Coupon Code SHARETHELOVE.

Hm..maybe I’ll sew a clone..

fleaI’ll be doing a live craft market this Sunday, June ll at the Parkdale Flea, 1266 Queen Street West in Toronto from 11am-6pm.

I haven’t done a lot of these shows, because my winter merchandise is most in demand for the winter markets, and when it’s winter, I’m so busy with my online orders, I don’t know which way is up or down, let alone have the time for the incredible amount of work they are to prepare for — and the day itself.

So I’ve decided to try the elusive summer market! I will be showcasing my faux fur only, featuring summer-friendly items such as pom pom earrings, keychain purse charms, scrunchies, and shoe poms for strappy sandals and flip flops.


These cute shoe poms are first on the assembly line of faux fur products that I’ll be focused on creating over the next four days. Watch for more things in the next few days.

My prices for the market will be reduced, as well. Since 90% of my online customers are from the US, the prices in my shop are in US dollars. But for this craft market, those prices will be in Canadian dollars. For example, these shoe poms are US$12.50 online, but they will be CDN$12.50 at the market on Sunday — that’s about a 35% discount 🙂

So maybe plan to come out to Parkdale on Sunday!


–Oh, and of course I’ll be selling my faux fur teddy bears too — I’m hoping to have time to make a couple of new ones before Sunday as well.

Yeah…I need a clone.


Brass toes make them more original, distinctive, and collectible

From the time I started making teddy bears, I have often heard, “Oh..collectible teddy bears — like Steiff bears?”

This is a Steiff Teddy Bear!

I had never heard of them and had never actually googled them until today! So cute, and such an inspiring and interesting company history!

I had been told that each Steiff bear is branded with a metal logoed button on their ear, and that I should do the same on my bears. This was interesting to me, but I felt that a button on my bears’ ears would distract from the beauty of their faces. and besides, that had apparently already been done..

I decided that I would take advantage of the shape of the leather toes I make for each bear. I contacted Accessoires Magiques, a small casting company located in Montreal, specializing in the custom creation of metal tags.

grill3grill2I worked with Pat to design this antique brushed brass oval toe that I could sew onto the bears’ paws. Pat went above and beyond to customize them for me, even creating a slight bend in them to fit the curvature of the paw. I love them! From now on, all my bears will have one of these brass elle tags on the middle toe of their left foot 🙂


Chillins like villains. Willa and Hettie are available here — and they are 15% off, until June 12, using Coupon Code SHARETHELOVE at checkout.