Pom Pom Sale!

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New this Week! – June 7

It was a busy week, building my pom pom inventory back up from my May sale–and I took some zen time to work in the garden. But I did manage to make a couple of new things!

Both of these items are on sale — Click on any photo to go directly to that listing at elle Vintage on Etsy..



pOm Pom poM pOm Pom poMs…..


The circle garden is pom pom-inspired!

It used to look like this…



New this week – May 31 – June 6

–And this is new too: In June, “New this week!” will feature a “Sale this week!”

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Finally, a reminder that today is your last day to scoop elle faux fur poms at 30% off! Sale ends at midnight.




10,000 pom poms?

This is the first vintage fur pom pom I ever made. 


My actual brainstorm was to make “hair poms.” [Maybe i should have been brainstorming the location of my hairbrush ?]

I listed a few of these recycled fur pom poms, and soon I had customers buying them in large quantities. I wondered why on earth anyone would order so many hair poms at once. Of course I found out that they weren’t buying them to wear in their hair — they were hat knitters who needed them to make their knit hats pOp!

I started getting a lot of requests for faux fur hat poms too, so I sourced some luxury faux furs, made some, and added them to my shop too.

In the past three years, I think I must have made more than 10,000 pom poms.

Last week, 100 of these mini mink shoe poms made their way to New York.


–And I just finished this faux fur 105-pom order today; on its way to Michigan.

As long as knitters are busy knitting, I’ll be busy making poms for them!