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Hat-Knitters Alert

Now’s the time to order your hat poms – My Faux Fur Pom Pom Sale runs until May 31!


New Products

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Black Recycled Mink Fur Bobby Pin Hair Clips – $20/pair
Blue Iris Recycled Mink Fur Bobby Pin Hair Clips – $20/pair
Faux Fur Summer Bag Charms $15

IMG_6506   IMG_6507


Faux Fur Summer Bag Charms $14

Because I can’t stop knitting!



Robin’s Egg Alpaca/Acrylic Knit $40

Add a luxury faux fur pom pom for $6.30 until May 31


Why My Hands Have 6-Packs

There IS such a thing as a Pom Pom Emergency. It actually happens a lot here at elle Vintage! In this case, 100 of these little bon-bons rushed overnight to New York, NY and will arrive to my customer by 10:30 this morning!


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elle Purse Poms

Been thinking about getting one? Birthday coming up for her? Scoop a handmade pom pom purse charm at elle Vintage on Etsy for a micro-fraction of the Yorkville specimans.

[photo cred: Thank You Elizabeth!]  
Choose from six different 5+ Inch super soft and silky, blow-in-the-wind designer faux furs, with hand-cut Italian leather straps and sturdy hardware. Also available in recycled real fur, made from vintage fur coats.





Behind-the-scenes at elle Vintage

I’m always reading articles about how to market your online shop. Along with the usual product and sales feature suggestions and guides, another common suggestion is to show a little behind-the-scenes imagery. The idea is to give our audience a break from the “buy this!” posts, by showing the day-to-day inner workings of our home businesses.

Well, I have always thought that this suggestion shouldn’t apply to me and elle Vintage, since, well, it’s hairy embarrassing!

But I’m just back from vacation in the beautiful nature of Northern Ontario, doing nothing but spending time with family and family that I haven’t seen in years — and enjoying meeting new family members. So the change of scenery has relaxed me to the point that the image of the elle Vintage behind-the-scenes is actually striking me as very funny today.

So here it is, a typical day here, in all its glory.

I know exactly where everything is.

Below is this same room… at this moment.

But not for long. I’m about to open up shop again to make the orders that came in while I was with the sun and the swimming and the lolling around, being waited on hand and foot…

Gonna snap out of it and get to work…tomorrow
I’m still here, mentally.

Customer Spotlight: THIS is how you rock it.

Alex M. in Palm Desert, California purchased my Ivory and Brown Fox Fur Pom Pom Italian Leather Key Chain Purse Charm in May, and sent me this lovely photo of it attached to her cute mini backpack. This is how its done!


Now there’s another on on the way to her. Because obviously she has more than one handbag. Right?


Whew..craft markets are exhausting – and exhilarating!

What a day! What an exhausting day! It was so great to get out and meet so many wonderful shoppers and other sellers.


Participating in these events is amazing, because it expands my universe and puts me in personal touch with the people who purchase my wares — I get to see the purchase-thrill — and it gives me the opportunity to network with others who create and sell. Good vibes!

One of the exciting conversations I had there, was with an eco-friendly fashion handbag seller who is interested in working with me in the fall, to pair my keychain purse charms with her handbags. I’m looking forward to that!

Now it’s summertime and I’m going to take some time to enjoy it. While I will still be working, I’ll be blogging sporadically until late summer, when I’ll pick it up again, as old man winter starts pushing his own agenda…