New this Week! – June 7

It was a busy week, building my pom pom inventory back up from my May sale–and I took some zen time to work in the garden. But I did manage to make a couple of new things!

Both of these items are on sale — Click on any photo to go directly to that listing at elle Vintage on Etsy..



pOm Pom poM pOm Pom poMs…..


The circle garden is pom pom-inspired!

It used to look like this…




10,000 pom poms?

This is the first vintage fur pom pom I ever made. 


My actual brainstorm was to make “hair poms.” [Maybe i should have been brainstorming the location of my hairbrush ?]

I listed a few of these recycled fur pom poms, and soon I had customers buying them in large quantities. I wondered why on earth anyone would order so many hair poms at once. Of course I found out that they weren’t buying them to wear in their hair — they were hat knitters who needed them to make their knit hats pOp!

I started getting a lot of requests for faux fur hat poms too, so I sourced some luxury faux furs, made some, and added them to my shop too.

In the past three years, I think I must have made more than 10,000 pom poms.

Last week, 100 of these mini mink shoe poms made their way to New York.


–And I just finished this faux fur 105-pom order today; on its way to Michigan.

As long as knitters are busy knitting, I’ll be busy making poms for them!


New this week!

Hat-Knitters Alert

Now’s the time to order your hat poms – My Faux Fur Pom Pom Sale runs until May 31!


New Products

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Black Recycled Mink Fur Bobby Pin Hair Clips – $20/pair
Blue Iris Recycled Mink Fur Bobby Pin Hair Clips – $20/pair
Faux Fur Summer Bag Charms $15

IMG_6506   IMG_6507


Faux Fur Summer Bag Charms $14

Because I can’t stop knitting!



Robin’s Egg Alpaca/Acrylic Knit $40

Add a luxury faux fur pom pom for $6.30 until May 31


Why My Hands Have 6-Packs

There IS such a thing as a Pom Pom Emergency. It actually happens a lot here at elle Vintage! In this case, 100 of these little bon-bons rushed overnight to New York, NY and will arrive to my customer by 10:30 this morning!


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Customer Spotlight: New best friends

Last year, Natalie bought Willow, the Golden-Green Eyed, Sandy Blonde Mongolian Lamb Recycled Fur Teddy Bear. Now Willow has a buddy to hang out with. Sebastian, the Jet Black Persian Lamb Recycled Real Fur Teddy Bear joined Willow last month and now they’re chilling in Calgary, AB together!

Natalie sent me these photos of the two new besties hanging together! Great photos — Thanks so much, Natalie!

Willow’s such a hippie and Sebastian is so neat!

Want a bear of your own? These lamb fur bears are available now, at elle Vintage:

Rain, the Light Grey Curly Mongolian Lamb Recycled Vintage Fur Real Fur Teddy Bear
Jacques, the Jet Black Persian Lamb Real Fur Teddy Bear





Customer Spotlight: Nancy’s gorgeous handknit cowl

Nancy in Massachusetts made this amazing cowl. i love it — the colors, the knit and weight — and the practicality of the drawstring to cozy-up!

She purchased my black mink mini pom poms a couple of weeks ago, to fancy-up the drawstrings and asked if i could make them detachable, so that she could wash the scarf when she wanted.

Yes, yes I could and I did! i sourced some tiny, dark lobster claws clasps and attached them to the poms. Voila!

Thanks for sending me this photo of the finished product, Nancy!

This cowl. just. rocks.

Nancy used Island Yarn Cashmere Parfait from

The pattern is: Nick by Heidi Kirrmaier