Customer Spotlight: New best friends

Last year, Natalie bought Willow, the Golden-Green Eyed, Sandy Blonde Mongolian Lamb Recycled Fur Teddy Bear. Now Willow has a buddy to hang out with. Sebastian, the Jet Black Persian Lamb Recycled Real Fur Teddy Bear joined Willow last month and now they’re chilling in Calgary, AB together!

Natalie sent me these photos of the two new besties hanging together! Great photos — Thanks so much, Natalie!

Willow’s such a hippie and Sebastian is so neat!

Want a bear of your own? These lamb fur bears are available now, at elle Vintage:

Rain, the Light Grey Curly Mongolian Lamb Recycled Vintage Fur Real Fur Teddy Bear
Jacques, the Jet Black Persian Lamb Real Fur Teddy Bear






New this week!

! Not much time to make new things this week; lots of orders — and a special order for triplet bears that burned a lot of midnight oil. I did have time to make these new pom poms though. Click on the photos to see more details.


Gold Fox Recycled Fur Pom Pom



Hot Pink Mink Faux Fur Poms
Pine Green Mink Faux Fur Pom Poms

And… here are the triplets – Deborah had her Mom’s vintage black mink fur coat transformed into these angels…



Customer Spotlight: Nancy’s gorgeous handknit cowl

Nancy in Massachusetts made this amazing cowl. i love it — the colors, the knit and weight — and the practicality of the drawstring to cozy-up!

She purchased my black mink mini pom poms a couple of weeks ago, to fancy-up the drawstrings and asked if i could make them detachable, so that she could wash the scarf when she wanted.

Yes, yes I could and I did! i sourced some tiny, dark lobster claws clasps and attached them to the poms. Voila!

Thanks for sending me this photo of the finished product, Nancy!

This cowl. just. rocks.

Nancy used Island Yarn Cashmere Parfait from

The pattern is: Nick by Heidi Kirrmaier


New this week!

Each day, I make sure that all of my orders are created and sent out for delivery on time. Sometimes I’m actually running from room to room, just to beat the clock until the time I have to bolt out the door to make it to the post office before they close!

There are also a lot of administrative, communications, marketing and promotional tasks that must be done every day to keep my online shop relevant and competitive.

..but my day is NOT complete unless I take the time to make at least one new item and list it at elle Vintage.

Every Thursday, my blog will feature all of the new things I have made and listed in the past week. When you see the elle Vintage blog email floating in your sea of emails that says “New this week!” take a minute to check it out!

Here are the new things I have created and listed this past week.

Luscious Glowing Mint Green Faux Lamb Fur Large Pom Pom
Fluffy 5+ Inch Recycled Fur, Detachable Coyote Fur Pom Pom
Faux Grey Beige Red Fox Fur 3.5-Inch Pom Pom for Baby’s Knit Hat
Light Beige Sandy Blonde Coyote Fur Pom Poms for Your Knit Hat


Dark Pink Alpaca Acrylic Blend Hand Knit Women’s Winter Hat
Asymmetrical Vibrant Beige and Black Coyote Fur Pom Pom



Mookie, the Gold Eyed, Black Mink Fur Artist Collectible Teddy Bear