Coyote Willie – Real fur? …nope..

IMG_9951I got this faux fur from Liliana in Ottawa. She sourced it from France, to make faux fur throws and blankets for her customers. Now she has retired, and I was lucky enough to find her on the world wide web and score this incredible fabric.

It’s so realistic in every way; its weight, level of plushness, silkiness, moveability, and as you can see –sight — so many lengths, textures and so much color detail.



This faux fur also makes incredibly realistic, soft, blow-in-the-wind pom poms and earmuffs.

IMG_9316 IMG_9320

I bought all Lilian had, so, sadly, when I run out of it, there will be no more — get some now at elle Vintage!


Customer Spotlight: THIS is how you rock it.

Alex M. in Palm Desert, California purchased my Ivory and Brown Fox Fur Pom Pom Italian Leather Key Chain Purse Charm in May, and sent me this lovely photo of it attached to her cute mini backpack. This is how its done!


Now there’s another on on the way to her. Because obviously she has more than one handbag. Right?


They didn’t want fast, they wanted forever

Liona has finally met the man of her dreams. They had to fill out all those questions, but it was worth it. Lance and Liona had their first date today. They didn’t do much; just kinda sat there and hugged. That’s not a bad date.


Seriously though, I just finished Lance this morning. He is so cute and he looks so worried!


He is the second and last bear that I was able to make from this vintage fur coat.

2 IMG_9829IMG_9823



Ruby red Arita

Usually, when I finish a project or event, it’s clean-up and reorganization time. It’s sO great to put scraps of fur away and fill up a vacuum cleaner bag with clippings, threads and furballs. Order and sanity restored!

In theory i suppose. Usually I get stopped by something. In this case, I got stopped by this gorgeous red faux fox fur sitting on the table — I had used some of it last week to make some pom key charms for the market. When I picked it up to put it…teddy bear! And so, here is Arita.


She’s irresistible.

..but now I have more of a mess to clean up. Honestly, one of these days I will take a break.

Whew..craft markets are exhausting – and exhilarating!

What a day! What an exhausting day! It was so great to get out and meet so many wonderful shoppers and other sellers.


Participating in these events is amazing, because it expands my universe and puts me in personal touch with the people who purchase my wares — I get to see the purchase-thrill — and it gives me the opportunity to network with others who create and sell. Good vibes!

One of the exciting conversations I had there, was with an eco-friendly fashion handbag seller who is interested in working with me in the fall, to pair my keychain purse charms with her handbags. I’m looking forward to that!

Now it’s summertime and I’m going to take some time to enjoy it. While I will still be working, I’ll be blogging sporadically until late summer, when I’ll pick it up again, as old man winter starts pushing his own agenda…