All the things I made from one faux fur

..Might make a pillow cover too because this faux fur is so soft and silky.


New at elle Vintage

It’s my busy season and I have been caught up in a whirlwind of orders and making and developing some new products. Here are some that I have worked on in the past few weeks. Come visit and see what else is new!

Burgundy Faux Fur Shoe and Boot Poms
Mink Boot Lace Poms


Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal Sapphire Mink Earrings
Black and Brown Faux Fur Earmuffs
Golden Frost Raccoon Knit Hat Pom Pom
Aqua Lemon Faux Fur Hat Pom Poms

Do you have an old vintage fur coat that you’ll never wear?

Why not have me transform it into something new that you will enjoy now and everyday? Contact me at elle Vintage

I have just finished turning a muskrat fur coat — that probably hasn’t been worn in decades — into these stunning pieces.



Didn’t think I could but I could and I did

This is Cheri, a lamb shearling bear that I made last spring. In May, I shipped her off to Debby in California. I loved Cheri so much, and I had a hard time shipping her off!

She was so special and I wished I could make another, but it wasn’t a very big coat and I estimated that I didn’t have enough of the fur left to make another bear like this.

–But it turns out I did, and so meet Cerise, below. Quite the twin!


Cheri, and Cheri packing up for her trip to California.

Meet Cerise:


IMG_1631Cerise, the Sunset Red Lamb Shearling Fur Teddy Bear with Red Fox Ears and Handmade Silk Dupioni Bow, US$160 at elle Vintage.

Say it with sterling silver, freshwater pearls and recycled mink fur

Handmade at elle Vintage.

Violet Mink Fur Pom Pom Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings with Freshwater Pearl Accents
Real Mink Fur with real sterling silver and genuine freshwater pearl chain and real sterling silver hooks
Poms are a petite 1.5″ in diameter
Fluffy soft violet mink [very light, shiny purple-grey accent tips]
Earrings hang 4″


Retro wraparound earmuffs

They’re hard to find, but here they are – full fur headband earmuffs at elle Vintage. Available in faux fur and real recycled mink fur. If you have a request for a certain color, contact me at

Ballet Slipper Pink Beige Faux Fur


See more colors here.