Sad to see this little guy go…

…he was truly one of my favorites – so much attitude! –He’s off to Anita in Kelowna, BC 🙂

I haven’t had much time to make new bears in the past four months, but as the season winds down, I’m adding new bears 🙂 Mika and Oogie are new, and I have a black mink, light palomino mink, big blue fox and a big shark grey Mongolian Lamb bear in my mind to make, in the coming weeks!




Waste not…WANT. Multi-colored, one-of-a-kind patchwork pom poms

I have a lot of scraps of this recycled fur, from other projects over the past few years. It struck me last week that there is something I can do with them. They are time consuming to make, but they’re worth it. It’s recycled recycling! Here are some that I’ve made and there are more to come – visit elle Vintage often — I’ll be listing a new one every day or so over the next few weeks. I am also making them in faux fur. If there is a color combination you want that will match your hat exactly, hit me up — I can probably make it for you!